Is your Customer Journey world class from prospect first touch to loyal customer advocacy?

Do your customers have a Positive Experience throughout their journey as a client with you?

Is your Customer Success team adding value to their customers to Increase Recurring Revenue and Reduce Churn?

Do you have a Customer Onboarding process?

Are your Customers Loyal?

If you answer No to any of these questions, get in touch to Improve Efficiency and create a Strong Customer Journey.

Continue reading for a more detailed list of services offered...


Professional Services

Including but not limited to:

Customer Success/Account Management: (develop, implement and manage the Customer Lifecycle including Customer Onboarding and Customer Success)

  • Full service design development and roll out of your Customer lifecycle

  • Development and implementation of Customer Success processes and business targets

  • Audit, review and creation of current Customer Journey process and milestones with feedback and improvement recommendations

  • Audit of current Customer Success processes and objectives with feedback and improvement recommendations

  • Audit and development of Customer Onboarding process and success factors

  • Client success plans/QBRs/EBRs

  • Review of recurring revenue and loss/churn analysis with feedback and improvement recommendations 

  • Escalation point for customer queries, concerns and issues 

IT management/sales operation: (software support from project managing implementations to ongoing day to day software management)

  • Software management including project managing implementations, ongoing support, training and writing manuals

  • Software implementation including requirements gathering, prioritising requirements, market research of relevant tools, testing of tools to match with specific requirements, feedback documentation and recommendations, project management of implementation and team onboarding

  • Project manage jobs (with or without software)

  • Management of API integration, scoping, implementation and roll out

  • Support with Gainsight, Salesforce, Xero, Asana, Harvest, Zendesk, Qualtrix, HiBob, Peakon, TrafficLIVE, WorkBook, Maconomy 

Internal communication and services: (360 support for your internal onboarding and employee success processes)

  • Employee success plan

  • Support in writing job descriptions

  • Response handling

  • Screening

  • Scheduling interviews

  • Support with interviewing

  • Follow up feedback

  • Onboarding

  • 360 reviews

Business Services

Including but not limited to:

  • Event organising

  • Travel planning and booking

  • Diary management

  • Managing emails and phone calls

  • Hotel and restaurant planning and booking

  • Research and purchase gifts for clients or employees

  • Manage social media accounts and track usage

  • Create and manage email campaigns

Personal Services

Including but not limited to:

  • Event organising 

  • Travel planning and booking

  • Diary management

  • Managing emails and phone calls

  • Hotel and restaurant planning and booking

  • Research and purchase gifts for friends and family

  • Manage household bills

  • Source suppliers for household maintenance 

  • Manage finances

  • Childcare arrangements 

  • Plan a two week menu for a change in lifestyle (perhaps you've wanted to try keto/low carb) and order the ingredients for each recipe