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How to prepare for your VA

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

It's time for you to prepare for your Virtual Assistant.

Firstly, let's presume you have budget. You may need to complete the next task to confirm this but the fact you're feeling overloaded is a sign you need to prioritise your tasks anyway.

Secondly, create a list - my favourite thing to do! As you may have seen on my website, there are three sections to this list:

  1. Tasks you hate doing - we all have them. They're the ones that need doing but you have to force yourself to complete them. They're the ones that are taking up valuable time meaning that you can't be doing the things you should or want to be doing. As a business owner, an example could be putting together client and/or employee documentation. You need to ensure follow ups are created with actions, milestones and deadlines for your clients or a new account manager employee training plan but it is stopping you from doing what you do best

  2. Tasks you can't do yourself - these are tasks that you need to learn because right now, you don't have the skillset. It might be account management, it might be creating content and scheduling webinars. You have added them to your list of tasks to learn and make sure you do better in the future. You know these tasks will help grow and scale your business but you still haven't had a chance to learn them

  3. Tasks you don't have time to do - these are the tasks that you add to your list each week, with great certainty that you will complete them but they're not as important (in a way) as client follow ups, chasing invoices etc. These are the tasks that will be of great importance to grow and scale your business. So in actual fact, really do need to be worked on

Once you have your three lists, analyse them!

  • Prioritise the lists and decide if everything needs doing right away or if there are some tasks that can wait

  • Review and decide what you should be doing, what other employees in the business could be doing (if you have them) and what your VA can be doing

From this list, you should be able to calculate the number of hours you'd need your VA for each week.

It would also be a good time to asses the qualities and skills you'd need in your VA. Think about the tasks you have listed to train your VA on. What skillset would you VA need to have?

At this point, you will know whether now is the right time to hire yourself a VA. If you have enough budget to cover the tasks on the VA's list then it sounds like you're in the right place to hire your perfect VA.

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