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6 reasons to hire a Virtual Assistant

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

When you look at research around the Top Entrepreneurial countries, the United Kingdom has reached top 5 if not higher for the last few years, 2020 included. Forbes states that the United Kingdom is number 6 in the list of Top Startup Ecosystems for 2020.

These entrepreneurs are looking for the optimum solution to become more efficient. Therefore more and more successful business owners are hiring their own VA.

If you're unsure of why you would consider a VA, here are 6 ways a VA will help you:

  1. Reduce workload and increase efficiency - your VA takes on the unnecessary tasks so you can focus on core business needs ensuring business processes are fully functional. Perhaps you're a creative and unable to get creative right now! Maybe you're a developer and right now, having to pay someone else to develop. There's also tasks like process flows for your employees, reviewing client data and client feedback. Not only are the tasks you are good at being missed or you are paying someone else to do them, there are also the tasks that are extremely important to a successful business but quite often overlooked because of not having enough time in the day

  2. More time to strategise and focus on profitability - perhaps you're looking to scale your business. Perhaps you're already scaling your business and not enough time to review the data, look at figures and check you're still aligned to your business plan and current goals. Your VA would free up your time so you had to keep on track of this. They'd also only being paid for the hours worked instead of you having to pay for a full time employee, allowing you to scale as you go

  3. Save costs - you don't need to pay the overheads of an employee as your VA works remotely and has all the equipment required. You don't need to worry about taxes, sick days, holiday leave or other health benefits. You don't need to take them on fancy lunches and keep them happy with monthly socials or Friday drinks. There won't be opportunities for office distractions by other colleagues in the kitchen or at the coffee machine. Your VA is professional, highly skilled and dedicated to their work

  4. Flexible working - your VA is hired based on your needs therefore the hours can be adjusted according to your requirements and a package tailored to you. This is great if you are starting a business or as I mentioned, looking to scale your business and unsure how many hours you might need your VA for. It allows you to scale up...or down...as you need

  5. Long term commitment - if you hire well to start with, you are sure to build a great partnership in the future and continue ongoing business with your VA as your business grows. As your VA becomes more involved they will share your vision and support you as your business grows. Hire someone used to working remotely, who is self motivated and who is passionate about their work. VA's are incredibly competent as well as self starters

  6. Business sanity and less stress - your VA takes away the things you don't need to be doing which in turn gives you back some of your day. It should allow you to avoid stress levels reaching red. There is no point you giving your soul to your business as you will end up burning out. Burning out is no use to anyone let alone your business so having this time back will allow you to gain a better work-life balance

Hiring a VA is undeniably a great investment for both yourself as well as your business. Once you've made the decision to hire a VA, get in touch!

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